I'm Going Crazy


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so much bullshit in the game
like im walkin through a field
lookin for them streets today
yall got me trippin foreal

tell me more about
(all) the whores you found
once you got a deal
and started to tour around
and how you own a mill
yet you have that repeat sound
its obvious that you aint got no skill

bitch you must be messin with my head again
(like your girl does mine when i have an errection)
(get off your friends medicine)
(cause you still think your the best when)
i am a veteran
i am killin shit
like an over dose of mescalin

im building hits
like a chemist man
I am real as 6 and 7 am
find my square root
i dont think you can
you;re sweet as fair fruit
and im cooler then a coors can
i dont needa tool to stand
when i pull my cock out
i stay tripooodin


i am going crazy every day
sick and tired of all the bull shit these ppl say
if i had it my way
i would just anihilate
all the fake ass bitches who say they drinkin champagne

power plant smokin
on my second blunt

the shit you on is dirt
my shit re-act-or strong

sippin on my birth
8- six sauvigon

moet for my bitches
talkin about my dogs

i am somethin vicious
i stay collectin thongs

ur girlfriend is addicted
i call that gettin christend

i don wan dem digits
cause i wont ever caaaaalll

unless she does my dishes
by then i will be gone

fuck it then ditch it
i call it prollem solved

i am ballin bitch
thats what i fuckin doo

i got more cheese then france
i must be a fuckin jew

i get them b's to dance
i must be pollen too

if you see me dude
you better fuckin shooooot

if you miss the chance
im comming after you


released September 18, 2012
Beat by MikeD



all rights reserved


JEDISWIFT Washington, North Carolina

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